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Adiposano 60 Capsules

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Adiposano™ is a medical food product indicated for overweight or obese individuals ( BMI >30) who exhibit characteristics of Excess White Adipose Tissue Syndrome.* Adiposano™ supports metabolic health by modulating the release and activity of adipokines from white adipose tissue.

White adipose tissue (WAT) is a type of fat that releases chemical messengers and signaling molecules (adipokines) that influence metabolic process and impact a wide variety of structures and functions throughout the body. Among these are leptin and adiponectin. Adiposano™ has been demonstrated in clinical research to promote a favorable ratio of leptin to adiponectin, thereby supporting healthy leptin sensitivity. Adiponectin capsules contain a patented blend of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and citrus bioflavonoids. To learn more about Adiposano™, visit

*Excess White Adipose Tissue Syndrome (eWATS) is a newly proposed designation suggested to identify those in a pre-metabolic syndrome state who may benefit from early dietary and lifestyle interventions designed to promote metabolic health before it progresses to an acute medical concern.



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